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My first client. Wonderful service, cozy and great food. Being of Mexican ethnicity and growing up enjoying homemade Mexican food, I always compare Mexican restaurant's food to my family's cooking. Let me just say that I absolutely enjoyed the food here. Visit them here at
Having many years under his belt, David DeGrand has been landscaping since receiving his first lawnmower in his teenage years. With a love for the craft, David has been running his reputable business and providing quality work since 2018. Visit them here at
Boasting an impressive nearly 5-star rating on Google, Melanie Dobos, the proud owner of Stitch on Main in Thomaston, CT, has skillfully nurtured her business's growth. A prominent figure in her community, Melanie's dedication to her craft is evident in every interaction. Her genuine passion for what she does shines through, making Stitch on Main the go-to destination for all your dress needs, and a must-visit, especially for those seeking that perfect wedding gown. Visit them here at
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